About Us

Seathencity is a team of music composer, producer, engineer, and musician based in Thailand. We specialized in Southeast Asian traditional musical instrument.

We are passionate in representing Southeast Asian timbre to the music world. Our team members are experienced in creating music for multimedia and album producing.

We had collaborated with renowned composer like Austin Wintory in the production of Netflix’s Thai Cave Rescue.

Our collection span wide across many countries in the Southeastern Asia area. To explore our arsenal,

Our core members

Numpark Srbanditmongkol



Numpark Srbanditmongkol, co-founder and producer of Melocity composers collective. After finishing his bachelor's degree in Digital Media (Sound) from RMIT University, Australia. Numpark has settled down in Thailand and started working remotely for many companies across the globe. He has been featured as a Composer/Sound designer /Re-recording mixer/ Music Consultant for many films, TV series, advertisements, and video games in Australia, China, India, Singapore, and Thailand.

Chawin Temsittichok



Chawin Temsittichok is a Thai composer, conductor and arranger. His musical experience varied in many genres such as classical, Thai traditional, musical theatre, experimental. At the present, he works as a large ensemble director at the College of Music, Mahidol University. A co-founder, producer, composer at Melocity Composer Collective. As the member of this collective, he had composed music for various featured films, short films, animations and live performance.




Nutthapong is a music composer, audio engineer, creative director. Nutthapong graduated from College of music at Mahidol university in Music technology’s bachelor degree. Currently he works as a music creative director at Workpoint studio and also work as producer/ composer at “Melocity Composer Collective”.

A man playing Thai Drums and Percussion



Pawarin started practicing Thai traditional music since he was 3. Throughout his career, he has mastered folk music from every regions of Thailand. Lanna and tribal music (North Music), Ponglang ensemble and music for Serng (E-san Music for folk dance), and Norah music and Rongeng (the southern art). He also has experiences in music for Khon (Thai Mask Plays), and Lakorn(Thai traditional drama). Pawarin had compose songs and scores for TV Show, Film, and medias. His Thai music experience allow him to create music and new sound incorporating Thai / Ethic instruments in contemporary style. Over 20 years surrounded by Thai and ethnic music made him decided to become a co-founder of Seathencity.

Our partner

Studio 28

Studio28’s unique design of form and function deliver a sonic landscape capable of inspiring and naturing your creativity.Studio28’s unique design of form and function deliver a sonic landscape capable of inspiring and naturing your creativity.